Accelerating Blockchain Development in Malaysia

September 21, 2019

Although there have been several exciting international headlines regarding Bitcoin and blockchains in Malaysia; our own local coverage has been much more realistic. Neuroware’s been busy since our last blog post just over 9 months ago, so it took us a while to realize that an update was well overdue.

Unfortunately, due to the sensitive nature of what we’re working on and their corresponding NDAs, it’s difficult for us to be as truly open as we’d like. Onboarding five new clients since our successfully-failed ECF campaign, it’s apparent we’ve had better luck with the traction of our business than we did raising funds from the crowd.

Nonetheless, one of the most challenging milestones that we’ve achieved is the formation of the BlockChain Embassy of Asia and its recent approval from the RoS as a registered society.

Despite continuing to find ourselves spending the majority of our time focused upon education, ideation workshops and technical training, very little of that has addressed public concerns. That’s why we are now working in partnership with Red Money to provide publicly accessible one-day MasterClass workshops – the first of which will be taking place on the 31st of October:

In addition to this, we’re also now sponsoring the Blockchain Developers Malaysia user-group, which found 30 of KL’s top 63 programmers filling our limited office space for the inaugural meetup earlier this month. With presentations from local blockchain startups such as CoinGecko and HelloGold, we covered a broad selection of technical topics and would recommend other developers join us for the next event in November. The exact content for the next event can be voted on via our community Facebook group:

Beyond blockchains, Neuroware has also been hosting the JavaScript & GoLang developer meetups too. More importantly, now that things with have been officiated you can also expect a host of other community events to be taking place soon. We’ve even been told we should be able to talk about some of our client work in November, so would definitely suggest attending the upcoming SCxSC event – also taking place in November.

Why Neuroware?

We've been building blockchain applications since 2010.

That time has been spent working with government agencies and regulated fintech operators.

We're also committed to developing several supporting services:


Registered HRDF Training Provider with Blockchain Enhanced Learning Management Systems


Digital Asset Management Infrastructure with optional regulated Custody


Registered Non-Profit Blockchain Consortium with Members from Several Banks and Law Firms
Neuroware is Managed by R1 - an MSC Status Company with HRDF and MOF Approved Certification