Tender Support for Blockchain Technology in Malaysia

September 22, 2019

It’s been two years since we pivoted our business by ceasing direct support for blockchain developers and instead providing private enterprise infrastructure for distributed ledgers. Our current focus is to help the Malaysian public sector adopt these new technologies, which we believe will lead to great things for the country as a whole. Our commitment towards building infrastructure and protocols isn’t something new. We first developed Everstore and BlockAuth then brought them together in forming the Blockchain Embassy.

From a business perspective, we decided to put the vast majority of our efforts into helping government agencies understand this new wave of technologies and how they interact with other innovations such as AI, machine learning, BIG data and a host of other complimentary infrastructures. We then empower them to utilize this knowledge in ways that can improve efficiency and transparency throughout their departments, which we believe is in-turn the most meaningful way to help the general public too.

In light of this – It’s with the greatest of honour that we have been chosen as the first blockchain service provider to be certified by the Ministry of Finance and are now able to directly take part in government tenders. This puts us in a unique position capable of tackling large problems of national importance and is a clear sign of the continued support we are receiving from the Malaysian government. In combination with our existing MSC status from MDEC and our current participation within the Securities Commission sandbox, we have an exciting year ahead of us as conversations now turn to the most important topic of all – our digital identities.

It’s no secret that we have always been a little different in our approach to blockchain infrastructure. Unlike our international competitors, we relentlessly promote public blockchains (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Dash and Ethereum) and champion blockchain agnostic development methodologies, instead of building our own blockchain networks or tokens and promoting their adoption instead. As a result, we are now able to provide a single unified platform for these public blockchains, along with unique or customized modules to solve specific business needs, such as the Interplanetary File System (IPFS), BlockAuth and Everstore.

With each methodically cautious but committed step that Malaysia takes within this new frontier – it helps to unify an exponentially growing number of disconnected efforts throughout the country across a wide range of industries that are otherwise unknowingly working against each other.

Why Neuroware?

We've been building blockchain applications since 2010.

That time has been spent working with government agencies and regulated fintech operators.

We're also committed to developing several supporting services:


Registered HRDF Training Provider with Blockchain Enhanced Learning Management Systems


Digital Asset Management Infrastructure with optional regulated Custody


Registered Non-Profit Blockchain Consortium with Members from Several Banks and Law Firms
Neuroware is Managed by R1 - an MSC Status Company with HRDF and MOF Approved Certification