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The world is changing faster than ever before. The affects of distributed consensus technology are showing the incredible potential to revolutionize old industries and bring about new ideas in a way the internet on its own never could. While the benefits of blockchains are first being felt in finance ­and commerce, we’re building towards a future full of decentralized ideas and applications that have even yet to be conceived, let alone developed.

From our base in Malaysia we work globally with developers, startups, and financial institutions by providing tools and infrastructure like Blockstrap, open source applications such as Blockchains.io, and outreach and education at events and hackathons around South East Asia and beyond.

If you would like to know more about our projects, or just want to talk blockchains with us, please get in touch at info[at]neuroware.io or alternatively subscribe to our mailing list for announcements from the team.

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Banded together through a mutual appreciation of blockchain technology, we have over 30 years collective experience in web development, open source applications, digital marketing, and community evangelism. During our careers we’ve worked on projects with institutions such as Standard Chartered, Maybank, HSBC, and CIMB, while as blockchain enthusiasts we’ve presented on the benefits of decentralization to the Malaysian National Bank (Bank Negara) as well as promoted the principles of crypto-currencies at numerous SEA community events and meetups.

Adam Giles

Co-Founder and CEO

Mark Smalley

Co-Founder and CTO

Johnny Mayo

Co-Founder and CMO

Our Advisors

Some of the good people we work with who help make the magic happen.

Colin Charles


Gareth Davies


David Barton Grimley


Hanson Toh


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