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We are working on an open source wallet with themes and plugins that offers a simplified framework for blockchain based applications. The APIs we are creating will offer full turn-key solutions for developers, capable of handling everything from architectural infrastructure to end user experience, and will work on any device. Entirely open source, we do not store private keys anywhere, instead generating them inline at the time of transaction in deterministic ways for implicit security. Additional non-deterministic methods of storage and key generation can be integrated with plugins from our upcoming Marketplace. While we are in beta we would value your thoughts at or you can subscribe to our mailing list for announcements.

Six reasons why we are equally as good as Gandalf


We use compounding encryption of deterministic components by default.


Run your own products and services from the wallet - ATMs, exchanges, kiosks and more.


All of our code can be viewed, downloaded, and forked via our Github repositories.


Customize the look and purpose of your wallet from our community Marketplace.


Everything is browser based and installing the wallet is as simple as one line of HTML.


Run your wallet from your own server or get a PRO account with extra features.

We're currenty in private beta

In preparation for our public launch we are busy developing and testing our software with an exclusive batch of partners. During this time they will have access to our source code, help us define and ideate new features, and maintain a tight feedback loop with our developers. We will be sharing updates on our progress via our blog.
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