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Encouraging the innovation of blockchain applications

Neuroware.io is a Batch 9 graduate from 500 Startups.

We are fascinated by the blockchain and the potential it brings for innovation. With the rise of decentralisation just starting to happen all around us, we believe there are huge opportunities ahead that have yet been conceived - let alone developed. It is our work to make these opportunities more open to everybody, one line of code at a time.

If you would like to know more about our work and projects, please get in touch at info[at]neuroware.io or subscribe to our mailing list for announcements.

Our projects

Our first projects were announced at 500 Startups Batch 9 Demo Day and were launched on October 20th 2014 at TechCrunch Disrupt Europe. Blockstrap is a crypto-currency development stack to help developers rapidly and securely create their own blockchain applications. Blockchains.io is a multi-currency blockchain explorer and example application built using the Blockstrap framework and API.

Meet the Neuromancers

Banded together through a mutual appreciation of blockchain technology, we have over 30 years collective experience in web development, open source applications, digital marketing, and community evangelism.

Adam Giles

Co-Founder and CEO

Mark Smalley

Co-Founder and CTO

Johnny Mayo

Co-Founder and CMO

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