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Wednesday, 3rd Oct, 2018

Since completing our work with the Securities Commission of Malaysia, which we will finally get to demonstrate at the upcoming SCxSC 2018 event; the majority of our time has been spent further developing the R1 brand.

R1 DOT MY Sdn Bhd is not only the registered parent company of Neuroware, but is also the brand under which we conduct our training, workshops and consultancy services. With such an emphasis on long-term structured technical education within large enterprise organizations, we have in-turn developed our first R1 product - the R1 LMS - a learning management system featuring integrated industry specific simulation training.

We utilize Cortex in order to provide a number of different blockchain-only features, such as:

This allows us to provide full text, audio and video transcripts of each of our in-house training sessions, along with interactive community-driven study groups on specific topics such as IoT, blockchains and artificial intelligence. We're then able to empower organizations with the ability to not only track the individual performance of their employees, but also define and assess departmental and group objectives.

As more partners reach out to us from different industries, our list of integrated simulation training modules will also grow to include in-depth and niche material. The R1 LMS currently focuses on simulations within the regulated financial service activities and case studies. It doesn’t stop there. We are now working to integrate more modules and simulations with a number of interesting add-ons to enhance organisational learning experience in the areas of smart cities, telecommunications and healthcare.

If your organization would like to explore new technologies and their opportunities, please reach out - and try to ensure you're as descriptive as you can when you do as we receive a lot of requests!

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