Project Castor by Securities Commission of MalaysiaSeptember 22, 2019

We’ve been working closely with the Securities Commission of Malaysia for over two years now. It started with complimentary education and awareness regarding distributed ledgers as a whole, which led to more extensive workshops and ideation sessions around the topic of blockchains. This early groundwork was conducted under our R1 training and consultation brand, which […]


Immersive Training with Industry Specific SimulationsSeptember 22, 2019

Since completing our work with the Securities Commission of Malaysia, which we will finally get to demonstrate at the upcoming SCxSC 2018 event; the majority of our time has been spent further developing the R1 brand. R1 DOT MY Sdn Bhd is not only the registered parent company of Neuroware, but is also the brand […]


Tender Support for Blockchain Technology in MalaysiaSeptember 22, 2019

It’s been two years since we pivoted our business by ceasing direct support for blockchain developers and instead providing private enterprise infrastructure for distributed ledgers. Our current focus is to help the Malaysian public sector adopt these new technologies, which we believe will lead to great things for the country as a whole. Our commitment […]


Accelerating Blockchain Development in MalaysiaSeptember 21, 2019

Although there have been several exciting international headlines regarding Bitcoin and blockchains in Malaysia; our own local coverage has been much more realistic. Neuroware’s been busy since our last blog post just over 9 months ago, so it took us a while to realize that an update was well overdue. Unfortunately, due to the sensitive […]


Why Neuroware?

We've been building blockchain applications since 2010.

That time has been spent working with government agencies and regulated fintech operators.

We're also committed to developing several supporting services:


Registered HRDF Training Provider with Blockchain Enhanced Learning Management Systems


Digital Asset Management Infrastructure with optional regulated Custody


Registered Non-Profit Blockchain Consortium with Members from Several Banks and Law Firms
Neuroware is Managed by R1 - an MSC Status Company with HRDF and MOF Approved Certification