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WTF is ECF-ing?!? 21st Nov, 2016

Malaysia was the first ASEAN country to regulate the ECF process in 2015. Despite this, few actually know how Equity Crowdfunding works, even if they knew what the acronym stands for. Fewer still know why it is such a crucial foundation towards building a flourishing fintech future. First and foremost, let’s talk about the purpose of ECF. It allows any person with a bank account to access new and exciting investment opportunities traditionally reserved for the privileged few. In addition, it allows people to directly support and contribute to important social causes or products and services that provide personal or emotional connections.


Crowdfunding Innovation in Decentralization 18th Oct, 2016

We'd like to introduce you to ATA-Plus. They’re one of six licensed ECF (equity crowdfunding) operators governed by the Securities Commission of Malaysia. With Neuroware’s help, they have just launched the world’s first fully-regulated blockchain-enhanced ECF platform. ATA-Plus uses Cortex, our blockchain-powered operating-system to store structured immutable records of issuers, deals and investments as a starting point for future secondary markets.


Introducing The Blockchain Embassy of Asia 17th Oct, 2016

It's been a busy month for us at Neuroware. We’ve not only helped launch ATA-Plus, which is the world’s first fully regulated and licensed blockchain-enhanced ECF (equity crowdfunding) platform, but also started our own campaign. With Cortex, we’re able to provide technological escrow services for direct Bitcoin investments using our keyless multi-signature solutions. Nonetheless, a critical component to the growth of our business is education, which is why we have dedicated the past year to providing training and workshops to leading institutions and regulators within the region.


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