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Giving Secondary Markets a Second Start with Blockchains 27th Nov, 2017

After helping to launch Ata Plus eighteen months ago, we’ve since been engaged with the Securities Commission of Malaysia (SC), which is the government institution that regulates equity crowdfunding. We’ve been working with SC since the formation of their aFINity programme, when they invited us to participate in their first innovation lab. We have been working with them on a pilot project using blockchains to facilitate unlisted market activity and are honored to finally be able to publicly discuss that work - and how they are utilizing our Cortex infrastructure.


Accelerating Blockchain Development in Malaysia 1st Oct, 2017

Onboarding five new clients since our successfully-failed ECF campaign, it’s apparent we’ve had better luck with the traction of our business than we did raising funds from the crowd. Nonetheless, one of the most challenging milestones that we’ve achieved is the formation of the BlockChain Embassy of Asia and its recent approval from the RoS as a registered society.


Crowdfunding Innovation in Decentralization 18th Oct, 2016

We'd like to introduce you to ATA-Plus. They’re one of six licensed ECF (equity crowdfunding) operators governed by the Securities Commission of Malaysia. With Neuroware’s help, they have just launched the world’s first fully-regulated blockchain-enhanced ECF platform. ATA-Plus uses Cortex, our blockchain-powered operating-system to store structured immutable records of issuers, deals and investments as a starting point for future secondary markets.


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