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Introducing Project Castor by Securities Commission of Malaysia 30th Nov, 2018

We've been working closely with the Securities Commission of Malaysia for over two years now. It started with complimentary education and awareness regarding distributed ledgers as a whole, which led to more extensive workshops and ideation sessions around the topic of blockchains. This early groundwork eventually led to the formalization of a long-term strategy to research and develop a feasibility study-group for decentralized secondary markets. Earlier this week, at SCxSC2018, the Finance Minister of Malaysia unveiled Project Castor.


Immersive Training with Industry Specific Simulations 3rd Oct, 2018

Since completing our work with the Securities Commission of Malaysia, the majority of our time has been spent further developing the R1 brand. R1 is not only the registered parent company of Neuroware, but is also the brand under which we conduct our training, workshops and consultancy services. With such an emphasis on long-term structured technical education we have developed our first R1 product - the R1 LMS - a learning management system featuring integrated simulation training.


Tender Support for Blockchain Technology in Malaysia 6th Feb, 2018

It’s been two years since we pivoted our business by ceasing direct support for blockchain developers and instead providing private enterprise infrastructure for distributed ledgers. Our current focus is to help the Malaysian public sector adopt these new technologies, which we believe will lead to great things for the country as a whole. In light of this - It’s with the greatest of honour that we have been chosen as the first blockchain service provider to be certified by the Ministry of Finance and are now able to directly take part in government tenders.


Accelerating Blockchain Development in Malaysia 1st Oct, 2017

Onboarding five new clients since our successfully-failed ECF campaign, it’s apparent we’ve had better luck with the traction of our business than we did raising funds from the crowd. Nonetheless, one of the most challenging milestones that we’ve achieved is the formation of the BlockChain Embassy of Asia and its recent approval from the RoS as a registered society.


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