introducing the blockchain embassy of asia

exploring the technical & legal implications of distributed ledgers together

October 17th - 2016

It's been a busy month for us at Neuroware. We've not only helped launch ATA-Plus, which is the world’s first fully regulated and licensed blockchain-enhanced ECF (equity crowdfunding) platform, but also started our own fundraising campaign. Since ATA-Plus are now using Cortex, they've been able to provide technological escrow services for direct Bitcoin investments using our keyless multi-signature solutions. The importance of multisignature technology cannot be overlooked, for it enables multiple parties that do not necessarily trust each other to have an equal vote for specific transactions in a way that allows all parties to see who did what. Additional security, regulation, compliance, escrow and other programatical variables can also be defined by issuing and managing keys effectively.

Nonetheless, a critical component to the adotpion of this kind of technology and the growth of our business with it - is education, which is why we have dedicated the past year to providing training and workshops to leading institutions and regulators within the region. This has resulted in the launch of the Blockchain Embassy of Asia. is a community effort to help educate other organizations and agencies throughout Southeast Asia about both the technical and legal implications of distributed ledgers. We are a working group that has been formed in order to explore the distributed nature of blockchain based governance and shared public record keeping within a controlled environment where all partners are equal and have access to everything. Current ambassadors include:

With RHB as our first banking ambassador, MahWengKwai as our Malaysian legal ambassador, and ATA-Plus as FinTech ambassadors; there are countless mutual usecases already providing us with a substaintial roadmap ahead. Although we are having active discussions with over a dozen other industry leaders from the telecommunications and insurance industry to logistics, communications and healthcare - spread across Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines, we're open to discussions with anyone based in Asia. Other ambassadors will be joining the initiative over the coming weeks, but in the meantime, if you are working within an industry that is known to benefit from blockchain technology and wish to explore this new territory within a group that is working together to understand the implications collectively, please reach out to us or any of the listed ambassadors for more information.

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